When you first add a debit card we will make a small withdrawal of an amount less than £1.00 from your account. This is refunded in full within 7 days. 

The withdrawal amount is unique to you and will appear on your bank statement - this can take several days. If you are unable to find this transaction on your bank statement, please get in touch.

Tip: Look for MGP or MangoPay, our payment provider, on your statements:

Once you have your transaction amount please return to the PiggyPot app and follow these steps: 

  1. Press the settings cog in the top left corner of 'My Pots'
  2. Press 'Payments Cards'
  3. Here you should see a green 'Verify Card' button, press this and enter the amount found on your bank statement and submit
  4. If correct, your card will be verified instantly and you will be free to withdraw from your saving pots

Please note: 

  • You will need to repeat this process for any replacement debit cards you add to the app.
  • Depending on your usage of the PiggyPot app, you may also need to verify your identity in order to make deposits or withdraw to your bank.
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