Here at PiggyPot we understand that sometimes life gets in the way and you need to change the date of your deposit in line with your current finances. 

Here's how to change the dates of when your deposits are taken:

  1. On the ‘My Pots’ screen select the active pot whose deposits you wish to move
  2. Select the ‘Options’ button or ‘cog’ icon
  3. On the 'Pot Options' screen select ‘Move my deposits
  4. Using the calendar, choose a new date which you'd like your next deposit to be taken on
  5. Press 'Select' when your are happy with your new next deposit date
  6. That's it! Your deposit dates will now have been moved 💪🏼

Please note: 

  • When you move your deposits all your deposits shift backwards or forwards depending on your selection. This means the date of your last deposit may be sooner or later than you originally planned.
  • Only future deposits are moved, for any that had previously failed there will be no attempts to retake these deposits. Check out how to retry these deposits manually.
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