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After you've signed up you can start creating saving pots. PiggyPot is not another budget planning app. Instead it helps you save real money :)

To setup a pot you will need:

  • To know what you want to save up for
  • To have a target amount in mind for each pot

Once you're ready, creating a savings pot couldn’t be easier. Here’s how:

  1. Select the ‘Create your first pot’ button or click the ‘+’ icon
  2. On the pot setup screen either type a custom pot name or select from the list of popular suggestions
  3. Press the ‘Next, set goals’ button when you are happy with the name of your pot
  4. Type your decided target amount - this is in GBP
  5. Choose a first deposit date that suits you by using our monthly calendar. The default option is always the next day
  6. Choose the date you would like to reach your target by using our monthly calendar
  7. Select a saving plan by selecting whether you want to make monthly or weekly deposits
  8. Press the 'Connect card & create pot' button when you are happy with your target, dates and saving plan

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