When you have chosen what you want to save for the app will ask you to set a target date to reach your saving goal by. 

To change your target date to suit you, follow these steps:

  1. After selecting the green 'Next, setup saving plan' button during goal setup you will be brought to the 'Saving For' screen 
  2. Here you can pick your target date by by selecting the 'Reach target by' option 
  3. On the calendar selector you can easily flick forwards and backwards using the 6 or 1 month buttons along the top
  4. Alternatively you can flick through the dates by swiping on the calendar
  5. Once you have found a target date that suits select it and a pink circle will highlight your chosen day
  6. Check the date is correct and press the 'Close' button on the left hand corner of the screen. Your target date will now be set 😄

Please Note: 

  • As standard your target date will be set 24 weeks from the date you set your pot up, but you can change it to whatever date you want :) 
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