If your device supports Touch ID you can use it for extra protection on your PiggyPot account. Touch ID uses Apple's fingerprint identity sensor to log you in quickly and securely, anytime you open the app.

Follow this handy guide to enable Touch ID:

  1. Click on to the 'Settings' view by pressing the 'cog' icon 
  2. In the 'Your Account' section use the slider beside 'Enable Touch ID' to toggle the feature on 
  3. Touch ID will now be enabled and you will need it when going in and out of the PiggyPot app 🔒

Please Note: 

  • If you're on an older version of PiggyPot you’ll be asked if you’d like to enable Touch ID when you update to the latest version. 
  • If you try to turn Touch ID off you will be asked to authenticate it with your fingerprint - this adds security and means no one else can turn it off.
  • Any finger prints associated with your device will be able to access your PiggyPot account - so choose wisely 😋
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