At PiggyPot we’re always trying to help people get the most they possibly can from their savings. 

By withdrawing on to an Amazon gift card, you will have all your savings to spend as you wish on :) 

Withdraw your pot balance as an Amazon gift card by following these easy steps: 

  1. On the home screen select the saving pot that you would like to withdraw from 
  2. From here select the 'Options' button 
  3. On the 'Pot Options' screen select the ‘View cancellation methods’ option
  4. You will now see the ‘Cancellation’ screen. Select the ‘’ option
  5. On the 'Info' screen press the 'Get Amazon gift card credit' button 
  6. At the 'Checkout' screen review your order, then confirm your choice by pressing the 'Confirm and get gift card' button
  7. Yay you're done! 🎉  you will receive your credit via email, ready to spend!

Please Note:

  • To withdraw you must you must have also verified your debit card. We do this to help prevent fraud by ensuring the user making a withdrawal from a pot is the owner of the debit card. 
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